Glass Doors: A Practical, Elegant, And Different Alternative To Use

The alternative to opaque or glass doors (melamine, veneered or lacquered) are glass doors. This finish has an inimitable style with other materials. It offers a series of possibilities that, well used, maybe the best option for some of our clients.

Fits in any decor

Glass Doors

A material such as glass doors can be incorporated into any type of decoration, as it provides less color than other door styles. It is perfect for a room with classic, avant-garde, minimalist lines … It adapts to all styles.

Contributes to merge spaces

Let’s imagine, for example, that we have a bedroom and, in the adjoining space, a dressing room. Glass doors will separate both environments but will integrate them at the same time. In this way, we can turn two rooms into one, visually.

Easy maintenance

Glass doors are one of the easiest materials to clean. Maintaining glass doors will not cause us problems in this regard.


The transparent glass doors bring much more light to the space in which they are installed since they bathe the interior of the closet or dressing room with luminosity. Opaque ones (like the one in the photo) illuminate the room due to their ability to reflect light.

More space

They make the room much more spacious because it allows us to visually enjoy all the available area. In the case of opaque doors, their ability to reflect doubles the room optically.

What options do glass doors offer me?

Glass Doors

They have different options for you, both in glass types and formats.

Transparent crystal

This is just one of the alternatives that we give you in our range of glass doors. They are the ones that give the most play in the sense of providing spaciousness and luminosity, but there are other versions.

Smoked glass

This option is very elegant: it eliminates part of the transparency of the glass to gain integration. You can choose the smoke that best suits the rest of the decoration.

Acid crystal

This option is also in high demand: acid-etched glass lets in the luminosity, but prevents us from seeing what is on the other side.

Lacquered glass

They can lacquer your glass doors in the color you want. You have the option of matt lacquer or gloss lacquer. Both are very versatile. Gloss provides a more spacious feeling because it reflects light, and matte is more versatile. While the matt lacquer gets less dirty, the gloss is better cleaned in return. Both options are perfect: choose the one that best suits your tastes.

Combination with wood

The doors that combine wood and glass admit endless varieties. They can do absolutely anything you want with them: embed glass pieces in a wooden door, combine both materials with a back laminate of melamine, put squares at half-height … The combinations are endless: let your imagination play or ask us for advice.


Many clients ask to personalize their doors with special images. In their catalog, you will see some of these doors. The effect of a vinyl door with a large photograph is spectacular. How about a sunrise on the beach or a historical monument to enliven your glass doors?

What sizes do glass doors accept?

Glass Doors

The ones you want. As we will tell you later, our bet is the maximum safety and quality, so we can mount doors from 30 cm to more than 1 m wide. They adapt to your space.

What type of closure should I choose?

They have both hinged and sliding or folding doors.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors take up less space since they open and close on their own plane. They have an exclusive anti-derailment system. Our self-lubricating nylon bearings have a self-cleaning system. Since they clean themselves, the doors do not jam and appear to float.

Folding doors

They can mount your folding glass doors in the type of glass you prefer. Ask us.

Are they safe?

Very secure Glass doors are of the highest quality. They are 4 millimeters wide and are surrounded by our aluminum profiles, which can in turn be covered with melamine, veneered or lacquered. The profiles provide, in addition to stability, a new decorative element with which you can play, enhancing, or hiding it.

If glass doors were the option you were driving, ask us about the closest distributor who can show you all the possible options.

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