Choosing an Engagement Ring: 10 Keys to getting it right

You have already done the most important thing: find the perfect person to marry and take the step to marry. Now you just need to ask. And that brings you to a key point: choosing an engagement ring.

Because let’s not fool ourselves: the proposal is a moment that generates a lot of expectation, and in that expectation the tradition of giving a beautiful ring always plans. We can already prepare the proposal in the most original way, that the association with that jewel we have burned in our collective subconscious, and if it is not present, we run the risk of tarnishing that moment that has to be perfect.

Leonards Jewellers Tips for Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

But …  how to choose the engagement ring?  It is a decision that generates a lot of pressure. The jewel has to say something about her and about your relationship, and at the same time we know that it will be shown to family, friends and acquaintances. In addition, for many men this purchase will be the first jewelry experience of their life. It is not unreasonable to imagine some of them being treated at the jewelry store and thinking that all rings look the same.

But do not spread panic. Everything is starting. Here is a guide to choosing an engagement ring that leaves your partner speechless and unable to pronounce words beyond yes, I do.

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It sounds bad to start with the most materialistic part, but it is the first thing the jeweler will ask you to show you models that are within what you can or want to spend.

There is an urban legend that says that an engagement ring should cost the same as two months’ salary. It is an absurd rule. There is nothing romantic about going into debt up to your eyebrows to ask for your girl’s hand. A very expensive ring can condition that you have less money for other things that are also important, such as a sweeter honeymoon, for example. That is why it does not make much sense for you to delay the proposal because you want to save for a ring out of your reach.

There is always a precious ring waiting for you that is worth just what you can afford, and a good jeweler will lead you to it. What matters is the meaning that this beautiful jewel will have for both of you.


It is increasingly common to see couples who go together to choose the engagement ring. This option allows the groom to make sure that the ring size is correct and that she likes the style, but it also takes away the potential of the proposal, refusing to show his girlfriend how detailed he can be. And in brides who always complain about the lack of romanticism of their partners, the surprise can be much greater.

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Imagine the face that your girl will make if, in addition to planning the perfect occasion to ask for her hand, you give her a ring that she loves and you get the size right. Making the engagement ring a complete surprise will take work, but it will be worth it.

Now, don’t make this a matter of state either. If you know that your girl will insist on choosing it or that she always wanted to wear a jewel of commitment inherited from the women of her family, you can surprise her in the way she asks for it or in something else that comes to mind. Just do what you think is best for both of you.


This is where many men screw up: they choose a beautiful ring, but when the magic moment comes to put it on their girlfriend’s finger… it doesn’t fit. It is not a catastrophe, because there is a solution by going to the jeweler to adjust it (be careful, according to what designs they make it very difficult), but it is a shame being able to avoid it.

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The best thing is always to secretly take a ring that she wears on the ring finger of her hand where she is going to wear it (sometimes the size of the same finger on a different hand varies slightly) and take it to the jeweler to have it measured. If it is a ring that you do not wear often, less risk of discovering your intentions when missing it. Here at Leonards Jewellers we tell you how to know the size of a ring so that you get it right the first time.


This time it may make you notice things about her that you have never stopped to think about. Do you wear a lot of jewelery or a little? Large or more discreet? Are you wearing gold or silver? You will have to sharpen your detective skills, observe and ask discreetly.

If your girl is outgoing and a lover of colorful jewelry, she will surely be delighted with a large ring, which she can wear without problems. On the other hand, if you are a discreet girl, who does not like to attract attention with her accessories, she will probably appreciate a simple and sober ring, with small gems.

One way to get information out of your girlfriend is to accidentally enter a jewelry store, under another pretext, such as looking at watches for yourself, or for a relative, and notice what she sees. There are those who ask friends, sisters-in-law and mother-in-law, but sometimes external influences on something so personal are more damaging than anything else.

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You will find a good ring in a good, trustworthy jeweller that will advise you and certify the authenticity and guarantee of the jewel. In addition, it must be within the price range that you can afford. In a good jewelry store you will find prices for all budgets, and you can even design the ring you want yourself, agreeing on the budget with your jeweller.

If what you are looking for is an Engagement Ring for the best day of your life, look no further, you have come to the ideal place to find the ideal ring. Show her how much she means to you with our collection of engagement rings. At Leonards Jewellers we have the engagement ring so that your journey together begins in the most special way.

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