How to choose best  engagement ring in low price?

The engagement ring is the first step of union between two people who intend to end their days together. If you have decided to ask for her in marriage, do good good by choosing for your sweetheart a ring that reflects what she represents to you. For this you need to choose for her a beautiful and solid ring to last as long as your love.

The selection criteria for an engagement ring :

To prove how much you want to engage with your partner, the ring you are going to buy must meet certain criteria below.

The first criterion is that of the budget. You must, according to your means, determine the budget for the purchase of this precious gift. In general, it can happen that such a engagement ring requires saving two months’ salary. Still, if you don’t have enough money, you can look for one that fits your wallet; it’s fine to propose her, but it’s even better not to break the bank.

engagement ring

The second criterion is to choose between the diamond, the emerald, the sapphire, the ruby, or another stone which best represents your lover. It is in fact the object of all eyes, the more reason to find a beautiful stone. You must also also make sure that the stone you want to ring offer your partner is resistance and durable. This criterion is entirely related to the first since some of these precious stones are very expensive.

For the third and last criteria, it is the material of the frame and the style of the ring. Here you must choose a shape that best describes your sweetheart. Depending on whether her look is modern, classic, vintage or glamorous, choose a ring that she can wear with a big smile, a lot of love and pride.