4 tips before buying wedding bands

From Leonards Jewellers, we want to give you some tips to buy wedding bands that will surely be very useful.

Wedding bands are one more complement when organizing the wedding ceremony and at Leonards Jewellers we want to make this choice a little easier.

At Leonards Jewellers we are artisans making wedding bands and engagement rings, our experience dates back to 1932 with the opening of our business, transferring knowledge from generation to generation.

Before buying wedding bands we have to take into account different factors to ensure that we make an effective purchase.

1. Quality of the material (18 karat gold or 925 silver)

When we buy wedding rings we have to take into account the quality of the material that we are going to buy. If we talk about gold, the optimal quality for our wedding bands would be 18 carats, which will never lose the bright yellow hue, which is the characteristic of this noble metal. Any quality that is below 18, that is, 14 and 9 carats, will eventually turn color and you will have bought a red ring over the years.

If we talk about silver, the material has to be of quality 925, it is an almost pure silver. All silver tends to turn color over time, but don’t worry, it can always be cleaned.

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To clean the silver, just take a little baking soda and a toothbrush, it will look like you have a new ring.

By law, all 18 karat gold items must have a small stamp where it says 750. In silver the same but it has to put 925. Before buying any product, make sure it has its corresponding stamp!

2. Should I buy white gold in my wedding bands?

Before buying white gold wedding bands we have to take into account that white gold as such does not exist, it is the man who takes yellow gold and turns it into white.

When it is extracted from the mine it is 24 carats yellow gold, to convert it into 18 carats white gold we melt 24 carats yellow gold and mix it with copper and palladium to give it the white hue. Even so, it is not entirely bright white, so we give it a rhodium plating to make it look nice for the public. When a year goes by, white gold loses that rhodium plating and remains with a tone between white and yellow.

With this we do not mean that you do not buy a wedding band in white gold, simply inform you of the wear that said wedding ring will have over time. Giving a ring a rhodium bath to make it like new costs between 38 AUD and 46 AUD.

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3. How to choose the perfect size when buying alliances online

When we are going to buy a wedding band online we have to be very clear about the size we have on our ring finger. There are different home methods that are usually not very effective, but don’t worry. By contacting our expert jewellers, we can advise you how to get the perfect size.

4. Is it convenient to choose rings with carvings?

Rings with carving can be more attractive and beautiful when buying our wedding bands. The problem is that over time the carving erodes and loses due to the friction that the wedding band has. The wedding band is not a ring that we wear on special occasions, on the contrary, it is a ring that we always wear, so it has more use than the others and ends up spoiling more.

At no time do we want to condition you in the choice of your wedding bands, but we do want to give you the information you need to buy your perfect wedding rings.

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If you are interested in acquiring wedding bands, visit our store. There you can find numerous models of wedding rings; we are sure we have the perfect one for you.

DO YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, we will be happy to assist you.

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