Do you intend to buy a garage door? In this comprehensive guide, we support you in your choice of new garage door, whatever the type by presenting you the criteria to be taken into account as well as the different models.

The criteria for choosing your garage door:

Whether for new or renovation, several criteria must be taken into account when choosing a garage door.

  • The configuration and size of the interior of the garage are to be taken into account in the choice of its garage door. Some doors have a mechanism that makes the interior space more or less profitable. For example, if the ceiling is low or cluttered with plumbing, you will instead lean toward a side door with a horizontal opening system, as long as you can block one of the walls. On the other hand, if all your walls are occupied by storage and the ceiling is available, then opt for a sectional ceiling door with a vertical opening system. Indeed, the ceiling sectional door is positioned on the ceiling when the latter is in the open position.
  • The availability of space just in front of the garage is also to be considered for security reasons. Is your garage opening on an alley, a sidewalk, or directly on the road? Indeed, some doors such as swing garage doors open outward and therefore require that there is no passage and that the space is released. The sectional garage doors ceiling or sideways open, however, without overflowing on the outside, which is very convenient when there is a small driveway in front of his garage.
  • Convenience, comfort, and security, are they priorities? For example, a motorized door remotely controlled will save you time by making it easier to open and close your garage. In addition to the practical side, the motorization also provides more security (an obstacle detection system guarantees safety when closing the door) and durability. doors must comply with European standards. For added safety, a sectional or side door with ASP certification will always offer an extra guarantee of security. A door with wicket adds a practical aspect because the gate will facilitate the entry and exit of pedestrians. If your garage and attached to your house, the wicket door integrated into the Gyp-ass sectional ceiling door will offer a new entrance to your home. 

garage door

Do you use your garage as a separate part of your home? In this case, it will combine aesthetics, comfort of use, security and thermal insulation of your door. The garage door will meet all these requirements, made in France, they are composed of insulating panels, seals, anti-gripper fingers inside and outside, and an aluminum threshold meeting the standards PM (people with reduced mobility) for your comfort.

  • The budget will obviously go into the selection criteria when buying your future door and its “comfort” options. Indeed, the price of a door can vary greatly depending on the model chosen. While more conventional doors such as overhead doors are available from, the more sophisticated doors such as sectional doors or side doors can go up to. 
  • The aesthetics of your future garage door is also important to create a certain harmony with the rest of your home (facade, roof …). This includes the choice of materials, colors, finishes, etc. Whether ceiling sectional, side opening or swing, your door can be equipped with portholes which will bring light into your garage. You will also be able to customize it by choosing the materials and colors according to your desires.
  • Finally, the dimensions are obviously to be taken carefully before buying a garage door: the frame (table), the fallout under the ceiling (lintel), the available wall and ceiling surfaces, the space between the opening and perpendicular walls (mandrels), etc. As an indication, the standard dimensions for the frame are: 2,40 meters for the height and 2 meters for the width, but all the garages do not have the same measures. If necessary, opt for the custom door option . Thanks to the tailor-made option you can customize the dimensions of your door according to your desires and needs thanks to Gyp-ass.

-The different types of garage doors:

There are different systems for garage doors. They are distinguished above all by their opening and closing movement.

  • The tilting garage door consists of a single panel . As the name implies, this is a garage door that can be opened and closed easily and effortlessly by means of a tilting mechanism and a rail system. In addition, the installation of a garage door tilting is simple. When it is open, it is then horizontal, at the ceiling. In addition, when handling, the tilting garage door requires a minimum of space inside, and can also be slightly overflowing towards the outside of the garage according to the chosen model. Because of their attractive price and proven reliability, tilting garage doors are the most common. With this system, you can also opt for the motorized option or for a garage door with integrated swing gate.
  • The swing garage door consists of independent leaves. The swing door, also called folding door or doors is composed of 2, 3 or 4 leaves (wings), the swing door is manual but can however be motorized. Depending on the configuration of the garage and the model chosen, the doors can be opened inwards or outwards. When opening to the outside, it is imperative to be careful not to overtake on public roads. There is therefore no occupation of the interior volume of the garage, however it will be necessary to provide sufficient space at the outside to allow the opening of the leaves. We also talk about garage door to doors. Moreover, the pose is very simple, and the price-quality ratio is good.
  • The sectional doors are options that are practical, modern, and elegant. In the case of a ceiling sectional garage door, the door is composed of several horizontal articulated panels, its opening is made vertically, and it is found on the ceiling horizontally when it is in the open position. In the case of a side sectional door, also called a sliding door, the panels are vertical, the displacement is lateral, and the door is found at the right or left wall of the garage once opened (it will be necessary that the wall be released). In both cases, sliding panels are made using rails. The advantage of a sectional door is that there is no overflow to the outside, and that the space inside is also very well preserved. In addition, these systems offer very good thermal insulation.
  • The roll-up or roll-up door is the one that optimizes space the most, whether inside or outside the garage. Indeed, it consists of articulated horizontal blades that rise vertically through two rails and then come wrapped in a chest located on the ceiling to keep the garage open.

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-Garage door: materials and styles:

The three materials found in garage doors are wood, PVC plastic, and various metals (steel, aluminum). 

  • The wooden garage doors are particularly aesthetic, and provide a first thermal and sound insulation. They are however heavy, and therefore to be favored for a lateral opening. 
  • Steel garage doors are suitable for all kinds of openings. They are robust and therefore allow sustainable use. Steel is a material appreciated for its various qualities such as its resistance to time, reliability, safety and robustness. 
  • The PVC garage door is light and economical. In this case, the introduction of a motorization is simplified, and the vertical opening does not pose a problem.

In addition to materials, garage doors are distinguished by their style. The principle: take certain lines and stay in the same tones so as to keep a harmony between the garage door, the facade, the front door, the shutters, and the other visible external elements of the house. For this, choose for example between smooth panels, or panels with grooves (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, more or less wide …), to constitute the door of your garage. For even more originality, opt instead for cassette panels, or lozenges. Choose the color or colors, and if you feel like it, add accessories (portholes, stainless steel decors …) for a completely personalized garage door.