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Scooters motorbike spares have already become an alternative urban vehicle. Like all products that go through the initial boom, scooters evolve and improve in all aspects. One of these evolution brings us the brush less hub scooters.

The electric scooters with brush less hub motors are standing out above all others. Thanks to some important improvements in the design that we are going to detail:

What does motorbike spares hub mean?

When we talk about brush less scooters we are referring to the type of motor it has. Electric motors are constantly evolving. Thus, the brush less motor was born, an electric motor that does not use brushes to make the polarity change in the rotor.

These motorbike spares are much more efficient than conventional electric motors, but now we are facing the last hour of brush less motors, hub-motors.

The brush less hub motors are integrated into the vehicle wheel, making it easy to differentiate them from the rest. They are fixed motors that are mounted on the same axis of the wheel, causing the motor and rim to act together.

motorbike spares
motorbike spares

Until very recently, this type of motor was used only on electric bikes. After the boom in electric scooters, manufacturers have also adapted them to these vehicles and they can be mounted on both the front and rear wheels.

We know that the brush less hub motor is on the rear wheel if the el ectric scooter has more maneuverability and more aggressive driving. On the other hand, if the motor hub is incorporated in the front wheel, it will have less aggressiveness but will better distribute the weight on the scooter.

Advantages Of Motorbike Spares Hub Scooters

Scooters with this type of motor have numerous advantages (and few disadvantages) compared to conventional scooters.

This type of brush less motor are more efficient and reliable. They have a lower energy consumption, with which we are able to increase the autonomy of the scooter. Also, they are less heavy and noisy than normal electric motors.

Scooters with a brush less hub motor require less maintenance and do not require the use of the chain. All these advantages influence that it has a longer useful life than scooters with conventional electric motors.

The only downside or disadvantage they may have is their high price. In any field, new is always more expensive, and scooters with brush less hub motors are relatively new.

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