The most beautiful wine labels in Australia

wine labels in Australia

Let’s be clear: what really matters wine labels to us about a wine happens inside the bottle and not on the label. In the same way that we are infinitely more interested in the vineyard than the winery, the winegrower to the winemaker and the to the marketing director. But one thing is one thing and another is another thing: we love a well-designed label brightening our shelves and our lives, because a label (also) is an opportunity to tell a story. And we love these twenty-five.

Perhaps the most important bottle wine labels of wine in recent decades: it all started with this wonderful bottle (already an icon) designed by the great Daniel ; Dozens of wineries joined its wake.

We can no longer like the starting point of  : a sincere tribute to so many tacos that were born in the breeding ground of the Catalan “”. The art of insult , in this, work (labeled) by Albert .

wine labels

The author is , a good friend, poet, winemaker, two nuts are missing. His winery is called The wine labels and one of his most popular creations is this Great Pig dedicated “to the bank wine labels managers who denied us loans on the grounds that the wine was not an attachable asset. Corpulent, sweaty and well-dressed characters, someday you will discover that the most important things in life cannot be seized. ” Bravo.

are Daniel Morales and Javier , two La (designers) responsible for creating some of the best graphic work in the sector. I especially like this Le free, unnecessary noise and unpretentious

Giant octopuses! Whales! Sea monsters! wine labels Atlantis is the reflection of five indigenous varieties with an Atlantic influence:  Again And also the first of several wines that we will see here today: we like (very much) their roll.