Unfavorable building inspection: What to do?

First, I want to emphasize that the building inspection is a life-saving instrument. How do you read it? And this is not what I say, but the best of the best specialists that building inspections newcastle have had the pleasure of meeting in my professional journey.

Perhaps this is why it is the work that I am most passionate about, because it requires all the concentration of the technician and combines research, prior knowledge, experience, intuition, public relations and mediation.

And why does the building inspection save lives?

Because a good diagnosis of the building can detect a pathology that is not evident – and not visible – that is extremely serious and that forces to evacuate a property that ends up collapsing hours later.

With the recent regulations on the building inspection, the deficiencies of the buildings are now classified as: slight, important, serious and very serious. Serious and very serious deficiencies do not allow the building to obtain the Certificate of Aptitude.

Unfavorable building inspection

Communication when a building inspection is unfavorable

The architect, with all the tact of which he is capable, must not only propose corrective measures (precautionary or urgent, depending on the severity of the pathologies), and explain them thoroughly in the building inspection report resulting from the unfavorable building inspection inspection, but try to transmit them orally to the neighbors and other parties involved as farm managers.

  1. This communication should never catch the parties involved by surprise.
  2. During the visit, our clinical eye can begin to intuit that something is not going well if something is not going well, and our obligation as technicians is also to act as communicators and transmit our concerns to the president of the community or to the farm manager.
  3. Many neighbors do not want to hear that ” their building has some deficiency ” and close their eyes to reality, as if they wanted to run a thick blanket over the wound and act as if it did not exist.
  4. Let’s not say if there is the case (quite usual) that some property of the block is for sale or rent, and thanks to an unfavorable report buyers flee mass.
  5. In the latter case, it is worth remembering that hiding vices from buyers or lessors is punishable by law, and morally it is completely unjustifiable.

As clients of an inspection, we must remember that the technician who performs the building inspection ensures our safety and is responsible for the building not being dangerous. 

Its main objective is to protect you, and it is better that building inspections newcastle is receptive and adopt an attitude of listening to facilitate the whole process.

Building inspection, buildings and regulations: the why

Therefore, as technicians, building inspections newcastle should never give in to the pressures of agents external to our work to remove iron from the injuries we observe. We always have to be objective, analytical and imperturbable in our diagnoses. The building inspection is not limited only to the report, but to the description of the repair, precautionary and emergency measures.

In the latter cases, we have the freedom to order the competent agency to evacuate the building. We are not doing work to look good with everyone, but to save lives .

In addition, in our professional life – or personal – we will never be able to look good with everyone, and it is not even desirable. So you have to think less about the negative consequences of unfavorable building inspection and more about the positive ones, which far outweigh them. A comparable example is a timely detection of a cancer, which saves the patient’s life. Words are unnecessary.

Unfavorable building inspection

What to do as a client of a building inspection?

As clients, we should internalize this metaphor and realize that the professional is a doctor of the building, and that the treatment that could be recommended in case of having a “sick” building is neither more nor less than what is strictly necessary to guarantee a minimum safety .

Even if that treatment were expensive, what we would be buying with it is our life. The technician does not benefit from ordering restorations except that, morally, he knows that he may have saved us from a collapse.

Importance of the rehabilitation of facades and other areas of the building

Finally, whatever the deficiency we have found in the expert property, it is very desirable to offer solutions for their repair. It is not about carrying out a complete restoration project (that would go into a separate job, and building inspections newcastle can offer ourselves for this if the neighbors want to save the search), but to offer methods to solve the deficiencies and explain them to all the parties involved.

A negative building inspection is not a trick of fate, but an opportunity to avoid a disaster and radically improve the benefits of real estate.