Coexistence between physiotherapists and gyms, utopia or reality?
Newcastle Physiotherapists explain their experiences.

The magazine publishes a Forum where the Newcastle Physiotherapist consulted analyze their relationship with gyms and sports centers. The professionals explain the benefits of joint work and highlight several aspects to improve.

The Physiotherapy service is gaining prominence in all those sports centers and gyms that bet more decidedly on health.

But is it possible to ensure that all professionals involved in the physical condition, health and well-being of users harmoniously exercise their skills?

Aspects of improving

Is not always that way? Newcastle Physiotherapist consulted demand improvements in their relations with sports centers and their professionals.

One of the most outstanding aspects is to define the competencies that each of the professionals involved must assume.

They also ask to improve the communication between specialists and increase the supervision of the user when executing the recommended routines.

Even the location of the physiotherapy service within the gym can be improved to make it more visible.

Newcastle Physiotherapist

A general council of Newcastle Physiotherapist

The gym, not being a health center, cannot perform a sanitary activity such as Physiotherapy. This does not mean that once the patient has exceeded their stay in the health field and wants to avoid physical deterioration go to a club where they can have a physiotherapist advisory as a guarantee of more excellent safety and quality in physical activity that goes to develop.

The main problem is the absence of a Newcastle Physiotherapist in the gyms to prevent, maintain and recover the patient in the sports injury, and that the latter can re-train. Every person who plays sports should keep in mind which professional is indicated for each objective.

An improvement factor is the location of the physiotherapy rooms within the gyms. They are usually close to changing rooms or swimming pools, where there is generally abundant humidity and poor visibility.

The demand for the service would increase if they were adjacent to the main offices of the facilities, properly isolated and very accessible to all users.

The main problem that usually exists is that the patient does the exercises on his own, without paying attention to the professional, guided by the advice of other users who, on numerous occasions, are incorrect.

Gyms and Newcastle Physiotherapist should work in a more multidisciplinary way. In theory, it may seem simple, but it costs in practice. There is a lack of a link between both professional sectors. First, everyone should know the competencies clearly and, from there, intensify a joint work.

Newcastle Physiotherapist

The culture of the gym is fundamental: if you bet on health, there are usually no problems. But if you reduce the Newcastle Physiotherapist to being a masseuse, then the relationship gets complicated.

One aspect of improving is the concept. The center must assess the Newcastle Physiotherapist as a healthcare professional and facilitate their access to the gym. Also, the center should not encourage the intrusion and not allow other professionals to access the user ahead of time.

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