Buying an engagement ring? Choose a pink diamond!

Buying a ring may be a real challenge for several men. They generally choose a traditional ring, set with one or more colorless diamonds, to propose to their partners. Clearly, they’re playing it safe this way, but it can get a little more extravagant at times. The colored diamonds are also beautiful and very popular these days. So we see a growing demand for pink diamonds – a beautiful color and a smart investment. Reasons enough to delve into the unique world of a pink diamond.

  • Why is a pink diamond a good choice for an engagement ring?
  • Why are pink diamonds so expensive?
  • How is the color of a pink diamond created?
pink diamond

Why is a pink diamond a good choice for an engagement ring?

An engagement ring can always be something special. And if you choose a pink diamond, you know it will be good. These rare diamonds are becoming more and more popular as a centerpiece in an engagement ring. Not only the color pink, like red, symbolizes love, there is also a hint of mystery behind the pink diamond. Scientists don’t know exactly why it’s pink. One last reason is because it is incredibly beautiful, a work of art from Mother Nature.

Why are pink diamonds so expensive?

Pink diamonds are extremely rare, perhaps the rarest within the world. They are mainly mined within the Australian Argyle mine. That’s the largest source of pink diamonds in the world, but even there they are so rare that only a few are found each year. This already explains the high price tag.

The super-rich and other investors are currently in a race for these diamonds, paying astronomical amounts. And who are we to mention they’re wrong? Pink diamonds are constantly increasing in value, so they are definitely a good investment. In 2015, Sotheby’s Hong Kong auctioned a pink diamond for almost $ 18 million. Mind you, it was 8.41 carats. Do you have a more limited budget? It is not a problem. Choose a smaller (and therefore more affordable) pink diamond, and the engagement ring will remain unique.

How is the color of a pink diamond created?

Diamonds get their different colors due to chemical impurities that absorb light. The yellow diamonds contain trace amounts of nitrogen. This is not the case with pink diamonds. Even stranger, no similar impurities have been found. Several researchers think that the color is the result of a seismological shock that changed the molecular structure.

Some prominent scientists even think that the investigating pink diamonds can learn more about the history of the Earth! This type of diamond is full of secrets. What is not a secret being that more and more men are choosing an engagement ring with a pink diamond as the centerpiece in an engagement ring.

The pink diamond is, above all, an incredible gemstone. Some international celebrities have increased the will for these precious stones that are rare and difficult to seek out and that you’ve got to pay a really high price.

Its pink color is thanks to the presence to a greater or lesser extent of nitrogen in its structure during its formation, this causes the stone to compress and acquire this much desired pink tone.

Chemically the diamond is pure, that is, perfect and transparent, with none hue or color. But the truth is different, almost no natural diamond is completely perfect. Most transparent diamonds are cheaper if they need yellow tones, while pink or blue diamonds are notably costlier than transparent ones. Scientifically diamonds are classified into two main types counting on the character of their imperfections and the way these affect the absorption of sunshine.

Type I diamonds are people who have nitrogen because the main impurity. These acquire white, yellow and brown tones. About 98% of current diamond mining corresponds to this type.

Type II diamonds contain little or no impurity. Appearing pink, red or brown, they are rare diamonds and tend to originate from Australian mines. Within this sort we also find blue or gray diamonds. And, back to our protagonist, the pink diamond. We find it in different ranges depending on its rarity and it presents shades of pink, orange-pink or purple-pink. All of them from the Argyle mine in Australia, the most important deposit of those diamonds within the world.

Distinguish the Pink Diamond from the White Diamond

Although the tones seem to combine, the diamond cutters distinguish them perfectly. In fact, pink diamonds have become a refuge value due to its rarity and price, and most collectors and professionals in the sector wants it.

Not like pink, white diamond can be found in various international deposits. Studies confirm that of a complete of 1,490 pink diamonds tested, only 7% clothed to be pure, the remaining majority were classified as “fancy vivid” that’s to say “living fantasy”.

Pink diamond is dear, to offer you a thought, with similar characteristics, pink is going to be 10 times costlier than white diamond.

Are you intrigued by these special diamonds? Come visit argyle art coins to discuss the possibilities of a pink diamond in an engagement ring.

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