10 reasons why more travelers prefer renting house accommodation over booking a hotel

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According to TripAdvisor, a vacation rental report released in March 2020, 60% of respondents plan to stay in a house accommodation last year. The Travel Weekly study also confirmed the growth of the vacation rental market, growing from 8% of travelers in 2020 to 22% in 2021.

Most forecasts agree that the vacation rental market will continue to explode in 2020 and 2021.

Why is that?


On average, if you book a house accommodation, you’ll get extra space and save 50% of the budget per square metre. Yes, it is half the price. House accommodations for rent are generally larger than hotel rooms and have laundry facilities.

A group of students can share a house accommodation instead of paying separately for bunk beds in a hostel, and two couples can rent a two-bedroom house accommodation instead of paying for two hotel rooms. In addition, the house accommodations have a kitchen, so you don’t have to go out to eat and splurge. When you decide to go out to eat, you won’t feel guilty because it will be a special occasion.

house accommodation


Your hotel rooms are very unlikely to be on the same floor. Renting a house accommodation, or more, definitely brings people together, and if they do get together, there’s a good chance you’ll want to stay nearby during your trip.


Hotels rarely offer large balconies or terraces with great views, unlike house accommodation rentals. You can invite guests to a barbecue, a game of poker, a glass of champagne after a day at the beach, or you can just enjoy the sunrise while having a delicious breakfast and reading your favorite book.


Who in the world wants a maid to come and go, vacuuming their hotel room? Small talk in the elevators? Loud neighbors in the hotel room? Did everyone know where he was? Full pools? None of these conditions apply to the rental of vacation homes and house accommodations.

house accommodation


Because the rental house accommodation has a washing machine, you don’t have to pack a lot of luggage and take half of the closet with you. Do not drag heavy bags in the halls of the hotel. Didn’t pay the airlines for the extra bag because her cosmetics didn’t match.


As the demand for house accommodation increases, the vacation rental market offers more value to its customers. You can now securely book your stay online, speak to your host before booking, request additional services such as gluten-free foods, nearby wellness and spa facilities, a penthouse with a view, a baby -sitter, doctor or groomer for your pet.

All of these extras would cost you a fortune in a hotel, if they were available in the first place.


If you leave your dog in a dog hotel at home, there is a good chance that you will be paying a large sum and worrying about him for your entire vacation. However, most house accommodations allow pets. To be sure, you can filter your search online and find the ones that will wholeheartedly welcome your furry friend. These types of rentals usually take care of everything related to your pet, from groomers to pet stores and even vets. Pets deserve a vacation too!


When you stay in a hotel, you have to wake up at a certain time or you will miss breakfast. You have to come back from the beach at a certain time because you will miss lunch or dinner (and you paid for it!). You have to be out of the room for the cleaning lady to clean it. You have to wait your turn on a treadmill at the gym. Hotels have rules and schedules, unlike vacation rentals: you are the boss and choose what to do, how to do it, and when.

house accommodation


Do you dream of truly unique accommodation? A modern house accommodation with minimalist design and a patio overlooking the Konojup Sea and the quiet local pubs and cafes? A small stone hut with a view of the vineyards? A bungalow in the forest, perfect for a large group of friends and away from the rest of the vacationers? A house accommodation for your second honeymoon? Whatever you choose, we’re sure it will come out of the hotel room mold.


So book a hotel room and arrive at night. Unpack, open the minibar and have a few drinks. Decide to stay and get up early the next day. You watch movies on television. The next thing you know: all of these costs show up as additional services on your bill. Newspaper. Next time, book a house accommodation rental and get it all included. Contact Cornwall House Accommodation today!

We wish you an amazing vacation experience on your next trip!

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